Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Conserving Biodiversity with a Growing Population

Now that our human population is growing, we would have to conserve our biodiversity. In order to do this, the industry creates a system such as "Industrial agriculture"

"Industrial agriculture

The whole purpose of having Industrial agriculture is too keep up crops while the population is growing at the same time. Its a money saving process for the industry. Using Pesticides, fertilizers, fuels, and other harmful selections of industrial agriculture products help save money because it helps with non-stop quick growth of crops pumped with chemicals.
Alot of Pesticides, are used to grow vegatibles and plants, which is bad for the environment and is also bad for humans to consume. When humans consume pesticides, different diseases may be arosed. Industrial agriculture is seen to be more like a "factory." Industrial agriculture farms tend to have a large amount of animals who contribute to too much manure which then allows the farm to get toxicated with toxic smells which contaminates the air. Industrial agriculture causes chronic erosion. It does this by the continuous times of plowing. The mass amount of chemicals causes soil contamination. Animals on industrial farms are pumped with hormones to increase their production.  Transportation wise, foods are then highly processed to be able to stay preserved for a long way to the city.

Then theres Sustainable agriculture. "Sustainable agriculture integrates three main goals: environmental stewardship, farm profitability, and prosperous farming communities."
During this time sustainable agricultre may be hard to do, especially in non-rural areas. With Sustainable agricultures comes the government being able to afford good quality vegetiables and fruits and keeping up with the land that is being used to grow these fruits and vegitables. With a sustainable agriculture humans are able to get the antioxidants, and many other vitamins from the fruits and vegitables which can help fight against diseases such as cancer. Sustainable agriculture helps the soil stay healthy as well since there is nothing chemically added to it. The living condition of animals in an sustainable agriculture is known to be positive due to the fact that the farmers can use "manure" to help fertilize the soil.

Possible solutions of conserving Biodiversity can be to grow your own vegitables and fruits in your own backyard if you own enough land and have enough space. That way it saves an individual money from going to the grocery store. It is also healthier due to the fact that you know that what ur growing isn't pumped with pesticides and hormones that can affect the human body.

After realizing all of the negative sides of industrial agriculture, even though it is a money making business there is still hope for the world. People who are serious about changing the way how farming operates should come together and think of ways on how to change this situation. Growing your vegitables on your own is a good solution, or even paying an extra amount of money getting food that is not from an industrial agriculture.
In fact, many people do start growing their vegitables when the weather gets warm due to the fact that many families can't afford to go vegitable grocery shopping for the good quality food that they do want.  

is a form of modern farming that refers to the industrailized production of livestock, poultry, fish, and crops."

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