Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Biosolids for Treatment for Plants

Before I started this topic for this unit my first impression of talking about biosolids for treatment of plants was disgusting. Before doing this unit I was not aware that you can use your own waste to fertilize plants. There are many pros and cons of this method of growing plants. The pros can be that it can help grow any plant needed at a faster rate and allow the plants that are being grown to have the proper nutrients its needs. Biosolids have many more pros, it can help reduce the amount of soil erosion, enrich the forest lands with the proper nutrients, protect water quality, provide topsoil, and conserve landfill spaces. If you think about it, if our human waste is being used to preserve land and be used as treatment for plants and vegitables, then that basically means that whatever is put into the grown to help the plants is what we end up consuming which then turns into a huge cycle of realeasing and consuming our own wastes. Having biosolids as a treatment for plants and soil cuts back on expensives the city has to pay on buying fertilizers and other really expensive things to help keep up with the soils. So far, it clearly shows that biosolids haven't affected humans health in anyway. Everyone is still fine, and no major diseases came from biosolids yet. Biosolid treatment is alot easier for farmers who own a farm because it allows them to make their own biosolid instead of having treatments and/ or biosolids from other parts of the country sent to them to use.

Biosolids also has it cons. People who work with the biosolids treatment have to be really carefully when they are around it. It can have diseases and can be spread unto that particular person. Biosolids should definately go through many procedures before being used, just to make sure that everything is safe and nothing wrong happens to anyone. The biosolids should be held in a place that secures the smell really well because it can he hazardous to people around it. Biosolids should be secured from faming animals just for saftey reasons.  

Even though Biosolids may sound gross, I believe tha its a great contribution to our plant, and forest to stay health and for growth. I do believe that it ws one of the cheapest/ affordable ways to keep the plants and everything else that resolves around it heathly. I do hpe that this way of perserving the environment keeps on going and prospers. Its been working out for many years now and there as been no problems or complains.



Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Societal Needs Lead to Scientific and Technological Developments Related to Internal Systems

The food that we eat are very important to our body. We are always told to eat healthy foods to keep with our health. Many of the foods we eat give us nutrients and the vitamins we need to have a healthy body.

Tecnhological Developments are expanding in where excerise equipment is getting better. New excersise equipment such as the Ab Rocket, and the Stair Climber as examples. The Ab rocket allows someone to work on their Abs using equipment that is easy to essemble and use. A person can use it for 5 minutes a day and slowly see their chest area turn into the abs that they always wanted. The Ab rocket is a new creation that came out in 2010. This new way of getting abs contributes to technological developments on staying healthy alongside with the food we eat. The Stair Climber is a tread mill in where the concept of walking up the stairs is included. Studies showed that walking up stairs strengthens leg muscles and contributes to cardio warm ups. The combination of the tread mill and stair climbing doubles the workout. There are many other new excersice equipment made by technolgical
The improvement in surgery is a technological development. Now a day's society has brought awareness to diseases. Slowly each day someone is diagnosed a type of disease that they got overtime fromnot eating the right type of food, and having the right type of excersise. Now surgans are able to do organ transplants and implants to help solve health problems that an individual could be going through.Organ transplants include heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, pancreas, intestine, and thymus.

One of the biggest technological development in this time is dietary products. Many people decide to go for products that say "zero" on it becaus they are willing to eat anything that will allow them to lose weight yet taste good at the same time. Dietary products include any food or drink that has been chemically altered to have less fat. Pop and sodas that have chemicals added to it to reduce the amount of sugars. Substances like "Coke Zero" For example is kind of like a cheating way to try and stay healthly. The company addedd in chemicals to allow the coke to give off no sort of sugars to the body. Some foods that say "trans fat" or "zero fat" also have been chemically altered to reduce the amount of fat added to it. Since diet products have this type of way to reduce fats and sugars it does'nt necesssarily mean that it is healthy. People should be eating foods with natural fats and natural sugars. There are many ways on cooking foods that keep its natural form and allow someone to stay healthy.

In conclusion technological development meets social needs with all the new improvements on excersice equipment, improvement in sergery, organ transplants/and implants, and diet products. It is our responsibility to stay healthy by eating the right food and getting the right amount of excersice on a daily basis.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Conserving Biodiversity with a Growing Population

Now that our human population is growing, we would have to conserve our biodiversity. In order to do this, the industry creates a system such as "Industrial agriculture"

"Industrial agriculture

The whole purpose of having Industrial agriculture is too keep up crops while the population is growing at the same time. Its a money saving process for the industry. Using Pesticides, fertilizers, fuels, and other harmful selections of industrial agriculture products help save money because it helps with non-stop quick growth of crops pumped with chemicals.
Alot of Pesticides, are used to grow vegatibles and plants, which is bad for the environment and is also bad for humans to consume. When humans consume pesticides, different diseases may be arosed. Industrial agriculture is seen to be more like a "factory." Industrial agriculture farms tend to have a large amount of animals who contribute to too much manure which then allows the farm to get toxicated with toxic smells which contaminates the air. Industrial agriculture causes chronic erosion. It does this by the continuous times of plowing. The mass amount of chemicals causes soil contamination. Animals on industrial farms are pumped with hormones to increase their production.  Transportation wise, foods are then highly processed to be able to stay preserved for a long way to the city.

Then theres Sustainable agriculture. "Sustainable agriculture integrates three main goals: environmental stewardship, farm profitability, and prosperous farming communities."
During this time sustainable agricultre may be hard to do, especially in non-rural areas. With Sustainable agricultures comes the government being able to afford good quality vegetiables and fruits and keeping up with the land that is being used to grow these fruits and vegitables. With a sustainable agriculture humans are able to get the antioxidants, and many other vitamins from the fruits and vegitables which can help fight against diseases such as cancer. Sustainable agriculture helps the soil stay healthy as well since there is nothing chemically added to it. The living condition of animals in an sustainable agriculture is known to be positive due to the fact that the farmers can use "manure" to help fertilize the soil.

Possible solutions of conserving Biodiversity can be to grow your own vegitables and fruits in your own backyard if you own enough land and have enough space. That way it saves an individual money from going to the grocery store. It is also healthier due to the fact that you know that what ur growing isn't pumped with pesticides and hormones that can affect the human body.

After realizing all of the negative sides of industrial agriculture, even though it is a money making business there is still hope for the world. People who are serious about changing the way how farming operates should come together and think of ways on how to change this situation. Growing your vegitables on your own is a good solution, or even paying an extra amount of money getting food that is not from an industrial agriculture.
In fact, many people do start growing their vegitables when the weather gets warm due to the fact that many families can't afford to go vegitable grocery shopping for the good quality food that they do want.  

is a form of modern farming that refers to the industrailized production of livestock, poultry, fish, and crops."

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Designer Babies

"Designer babies" is the term being used by the media to describe the future of modifying or selecting our children's genes for desirable characteristics (medical and cosmetic). Are things getting out of hand with our research into genetic processes?

The Oxford Dictionary defines the term 'Designer Babies' as "a baby whose genetic makeup has been artificially selected by genetic engineering combined with in vitro fertilization to ensure the presence or absence of particular genes or characteristics."

Usually, a male's and a female's way of concieving a baby was just through intercourse. The parents would think about what their baby would look like and predict which traits their baby would have that ressembles themselves.
Now, with increased technology parents are able to pick and choose what characteristics their child can have, and cosmetic features the child can have also. A parent can even choose to make their child go through the process to eliminate certain diseases that the baby is able to get considering the fact that we do live in a world where there are many catchable diseases.

Simply, a system in the lab called "In- Virto Fertilisation" or also known as IVF is used to fertilize eggs with sperm in test tubes outside of the females body. Carrying out this action outside the females body in a test tube is to allow that the chances of the child to having a genetic disorder to be reduced. The embryos are then screened to see if any of them have a genetic problem/disease. The selected ones that are fine are then implanted back into the females womb which is called "Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis" or also known as PGD.

Personally, I believe that designer babies are going too far. I believe that people shouldn't have the right to alter their child because it seems cruel. For religious people, it is against our faith. Especially in the Catholic faith. People should be able to accept their baby for the way they will be born because it gives the baby their true identity. Altering the baby takes away identity from the baby and also natural ways of life. Everyone should experience sickness, and everyone should be allowed to be who they are suppose to be. Having a baby be born the way they are suppose to be born originally allows the baby to have true real features, altering them in a lab makes them seem less real and more "computerized."

I also believe that if a embryo is being screened for any sicknesses or disease, it can be seen as a positive because then it can decrease the chances of sickness in the baby. Yet, having a embryo go through this procedure just for the fact of changing the baby cosmetically is going way to far. People should really take into consideration when they are thinking of going through a procedure like this because it has its pros and it has its cons. In the end, a pro would be for decreasing future health issues in the baby, or for allowing a baby to be altered so that it can help save another child that has a health problem. A con would be going through this process just for "wants." Meaning changing your baby because you want your baby to look or act a certain way.

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